Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who's that they're letting down

About six years ago, when I started this project, I linked to two websites from the blog. The first was a video mash up of Captain Picard of the United Federation of Planet's flagship the USS Enterprise vs. Lambchop in an epic battle with ping-pong balls, which is no longer anywhere to be found. It was strange and awesome. The other, was to the magazine and movement site Adbusters.
Even though I had some knee jerk reactions to a few of the stands that they are committed to regarding certain countries, for the most part their perspective on all that is troubling about advertising, capitalism and consumerism was something I wanted to share.
Early this year, I got a few newsletters about an event regarding Wall Street. I wasn't optimistic about them navigating that slippery slope of protest and what cabals will do to protect their interests, but I hoped for the best regarding their success in drawing at least a bit of attention to the mess and detrimental practices the stock market Confederacy have perpetrated.
Good thing I didn't buy stock in the other guys.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Doors of perception

Allowing the viewer, listener, reader or just an observer room to interpret and process for themselves, is the ultimate definition of confidence for an artist.
Last Days, Gus Van Sant's tome to fill in the blank, overwhelmed, and unprepared musician, does a precise job of relaying the desperate attempt of a famous individual to just manage within the limitations that accompany fame.
When every relationship becomes transactional, then the middle distance is all that anyone can afford to give. This is keenly translated in camera shots that remain remote and dialog that is barely audible.
And that brings me to my point. Along with a gazillion other families, we had a successful, fun, and lovely Thanksgiving. The only thing that marred it, as far as I'm concerned is the intense push to make it a somehow patriotic holiday, and merely the day before you can buy a lot of shit day. How I reconcile that and any other other attempt on the part of the business world to make me feel rushed, or as if I'm missing out on something, is to know better.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just like you

I've been applying for jobs at radio stations around the country. Mostly, positions that are not on the air, but some of them are.
As I recall, and I could be wrong, but I don't think I was that bad of an on air "personality". For me, it was always the music, the other stuff, like the scene, and what goes along with it, were secondary.
That's probably why I never pursued it as a career, because the business aspects were counter to what I guess were my philosophy and standards, and who knows what those were really. Perhaps, the sharp edges of youth, political and philosophical rigidity and even aesthetic sensibilities that could not possibly be compromised by gaining an income from something I loved doing.
That worked out well.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's nothing at all

I'm in a what does it all matter anyway kind of a place, but for once, that's not all bad. I've kind of always known that in the panoramic view of life, not much of it really does, but along with that comes the comfort of little things, the incremental and short lived events that are the golden threads.
We had a difficult Saturday night/ Sunday morning, in that Jack was kind of lost.
He had been at a cast party, didn't manage to get it together with his ride home, called us waking me out of a sleep so deep my eyes were crossing and I was basically barking into the phone, seriously, I mean barking, because it wasn't words or much of anything close to legitimate language usage.
Then, Eamon went to get him, couldn't find the house, didn't have a phone, came back after an hour, (it would have been a five minute ride if he could have found the street) took the phone, but by then Jack couldn't answer his, because it was dead.
Ultimately, Jack ended up going back to the house, as he had been waiting outside looking for his dad, and he asked the by then sleeping parents for a ride, Yup, it's the little things.

Friday, November 11, 2011

I get lost

In retrospect, I may have had a lapse in foresight in naming this blog as I have. There are a couple of reasons for that, the latest is the following missive I received yesterday, with a subject line of "Casting Producer" I have read your blog!
Well, no, you haven't.

Award-winning production company A. Smith & Co and MysticArt Pictures are conducting a nationwide search for a major cable network. This docu-series will follow 5 couples as they
experience the triumphs and tribulations on their journey as an engaged or newlywed couple.
If you are a teenage girl who is planning your wedding,
a newlywed, or in your first year of marriage...
We would love for you to share your love story!
Did you have a fairy tale wedding? Do your friends and family support your relationship? Do you feel that
true love has no age limit?
Seeking teenage brides/wives with a fiance/husband of any age.

Not planning in participating in this one, though it does sound like an awesome time.

Friday, November 04, 2011

It's the sum of man

Charlie Kaufman manages to find that particularly sagacious place between heartbreak and heartfelt laughter.
Synecdoche New York is a movie I wanted to see, but also was conflicted around because, well first of all I always said to myself, "Syndochine" when I saw the title, because it looks nothing like the pronunciation. So, that was a bit off putting, and there's that whole, I have to pay attention to this movie while I'm watching it, and can't read the newspaper at the same time thing.
It was nothing short of wonderful. Nothing. To actually put that large of a collection of talented people together and have it work, in itself was a feat to just cherish.
Not since the Expendables, okay, maybe this one out did that gem, but rarely does one get to delight in small and meaningful moments with the luxury of pausing to laugh some more, because it was such a throwaway line, and could have been so easily missed.
Thank you Eamon, and thank you Best Buy for sending him a gift card that he didn't spend more than, in fact, he had to buy a Kit Kat bar to reach the $15.00 minimum purchase. Give me a break.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

We will fall

On my mind today; the saying, "familiarity breeds contempt." As far as I've understood that meant that seeing someone all to often pretty much made you start to dislike them, or their habits and foibles.
But, reading the fable, I get an entirely different take. That is, getting used to something or someone, is just that. It becomes so regular that the exceptional dissipates and it's just another day. If we just take the word contempt however, the meaning is again about beginning to find the faults, and blemishes.
Of course it's a matter of interpretation and discernment yet the story I would tell would be something like; you have two teenage sons, they act either like they hate you or they want your money, time, car, and additionally some other way in which they can be resentful for all that you do. The moral of the story, Aesop sucks.