Friday, November 25, 2011

Doors of perception

Allowing the viewer, listener, reader or just an observer room to interpret and process for themselves, is the ultimate definition of confidence for an artist.
Last Days, Gus Van Sant's tome to fill in the blank, overwhelmed, and unprepared musician, does a precise job of relaying the desperate attempt of a famous individual to just manage within the limitations that accompany fame.
When every relationship becomes transactional, then the middle distance is all that anyone can afford to give. This is keenly translated in camera shots that remain remote and dialog that is barely audible.
And that brings me to my point. Along with a gazillion other families, we had a successful, fun, and lovely Thanksgiving. The only thing that marred it, as far as I'm concerned is the intense push to make it a somehow patriotic holiday, and merely the day before you can buy a lot of shit day. How I reconcile that and any other other attempt on the part of the business world to make me feel rushed, or as if I'm missing out on something, is to know better.


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