Monday, October 24, 2011

Only for a moment

I feel as though I have been remiss in that I didn't lament the pending visit from my parents and discuss it for weeks before their arrival. They are already gone, so perhaps a leaf, page, or chapter has been closed, completed or even overlooked.
There is not much more to my Mother these days than repetition and redundancy and repetition and redundancy. In fact, she behaved in a way towards Jake that explains a lot about what had often ended up leaving me confused and unsure about decisions or the lack thereof.
For the first time in his adult life, Jacob is very settled. He has moved into another apartment with people he really likes, and they have mutual feelings for him. He has recently become a manager where he's been working for four years and working full time.
Whenever my Mother saw him this last week she would say to him, "you should move back to California." It was relentless. Even though he's obviously really happy and keeping things together, she insisted on challenging that without thinking about the repercussions or effect of her actions. How unusual.


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