Saturday, September 17, 2011

h e double L

I'm going to try and relay this in such a way that the value of the event isn't lost on the insignificance of the action. Let's see if it works shall we!
I've been working a lot, as in one day off a week a lot. So, I have very small expectations right now and when those are demolished and crushed, I begin to feel it may be time for change.
I worked a split shift on Tuesday and when I got home after working in the morning, I went outside to sit and eat lunch and look at the newly bloomed fiery red sunflower in the backyard.
When I sat down, I looked at where it should have been but could not see anything, and assumed I was just at a bad angle. I finished chowin down and walked over to look and it actually was gone.
The back yard is full of weeds, not crazy high and abandoned, foreclosed, moved into a box under a bridge looking ,but pretty bad, due mostly to the many days of rain of late. As I was looking at the hole from where the flower had been, inside a bed of what were obviously not flowers, I asked Eamon if he thought Griffin had pulled it out? He walked over, paused and said he had, because "he thought it was a weed."


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