Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pass it by

As I've become a sub machine, I've been spending many a day in the children's' department, where I can stare without being noticed, as much as when I'm working with the adults.
I've always been a watcher, and probably a not very discreet one, especially now that I'm either beyond caring or not as adept at anything.
I've been reminded when I work there, about how we sometimes act our parenting, speak aloud our proclamations about expectations, behavior and actions.
There are plenty of parents or caretakers who come in with children and proceed to ignore them and go on the Internet or talk to each other, so I shouldn't only focus on the one's that I think are annoying as they repeat their child's very retro names endlessly and narrate how and what should be done with the toys or with the other kids. But, they must remind me of myself from back then, which is to really say, that I miss having little kids and, working on my chops.


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