Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our carnival life forever

We had one full day in New Jersey when at around two in the morning I heard someone leave a message on my cell phone. When I listened, it was Gus letting us know that the alarm for the sump pump was going off and water was rising in the well at a pretty quick rate.
To begin, long before the layoff we had made arrangements to travel east and visit with friends and families we've managed to travel with for years and actually want to keep doing so.
As the tide of events that began to deconstruct our financial stability started in late May, we had already put down a bunch of deposits and such so that canceling them would have been an enormous waste.
Yet, there 's nothing like having a tremendously fun time, all the while in the back of your mind you know what awaits on your return home; or you think you know.
We stayed up through the night, trying to figure out how to save thousands of dollars worth of film equipment but more important, you can't insure all of the stories, screenplays, pictures and memorabilia that were locked in an office completely inaccessible.
The next day instead of surfing, shopping and eating, we drove home, tired yet hopeful we would make it before the next storm hit. And, we did. We arrived home, replaced the pump and relocated all that matters, in hopes that the roof holds.


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