Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nobody knows you

As tomorrow is my birthday, the obligatory annual sum up is due. Well, not really because any day before a couple of weeks ago is a blur, so this will be gloriously brief. It's been a challenging year.
A few stand outs; the cat that has survived, starvation, when animals attack, and some of the harshest winters on record, is skating on the lethes. She is hunkered down in the foreclosed house next door's yard. Each time I've gone out to check her, she appears not to be breathing but then her tail twitches. This is Eamon's cat, his love; so her being near the end at this time, is a little cruel, thanks universe.
Tomorrow is his last day of work. Yesterday, I asked him if he believes in God and if he did, what was his take on our current.
Being a man who came from a beyond ultra religious background, that was a loaded question, but why not, he could always just shrug. He didn't though he said that he felt as if there were forces.
My response was, did those forces want him to leave his job because there was more, or was it just to mess with us. Then, we just started to laugh, because neither of feel as if there is guidance in these waters, just lots of breakers.


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