Tuesday, May 31, 2011

That would be a start

If I were to describe life on edge as waiting for anything to happen, then that would be where I live right now.
It could just be the Gobi like heat we are dealing with, as in summer came, three minutes after winter ended, but that would be the nature of the city I've grown to be done with. It is probably more about the challenges ahead.
I've come to know that even with my claims of flexibility and interest in change, that transition is actually harder for me than I previously realized. I'm a mixed bag of what I think I'm supposed to be, acting that part for whomever I'm dealing with and giving the answers that I think people want and actually need to hear rather than the hopeless feelings.
It's good to be put in the position of realizing what you had is most certainly enough. that even though you might not have been satisfied with the wage or status, the a job provided a normal that has been interrupted so profoundly and completely that it almost feels surgical.


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