Saturday, May 21, 2011

And crush it

So, Monday I got word that I had a kidney infection. Then, I broke a tooth and my husband was canned.
Tuesday I got an email letting me know that this blog was on a top 50 list on a college website. When I linked to it, fully expecting (based on the way the week was going), a full blown viral attack. Instead, the first thing I saw was the listing at number 1.
Not only gratifying, but a literal life saver moment. I expect that the future is going to be a complicated array of small victories over an extremely precarious set of circumstances with dalliances into the darkest hours ever.
All of the people that I've shared this information with, have been visibly shaken by the news or have offered help and support. Of course they have, that's what people do, they let you know that these experiences are not meant to isolate and cause paralysis, but to teach you that anything can be overcome with a few phone calls or emails. I hope that's true, because I've become more than proficient at both.


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