Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Allow me to make this

What does it take to make an amazing, simple and powerful piece of work? It's relative I reckon. There will be occasion where viewers or readers think; I can do this myself, or I could have done a better job than that. But, with that simplicity and natural progression comes a genesis that is unique enough to the event to make it happen. An example for me would be Alamar. This is a movie that Eamon and I saw a preview to when we went to the Cinematheque to see Valhalla Rising. Alamar was playing the same night and the possibility of us staying for another movie was completely out of the question, I was just grateful to be there for one. John Ewing does a short preview or analysis before movies, and when he spoke about Alamar being one of the best naturalistic titles he'd seen, I lamented not being able to devote hours or days to all that he makes possible for us here in the boscage. We watched it a few nights ago on DVD and of course there is that size thing. It is a wonderful movie, with the power to make viewers recognize what we've lost; not in a way that makes us feel bad, just in a way that is clear.


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