Sunday, February 27, 2011

No one really knows

About three years ago, Jack discovered Rent. He either heard some songs or read about it and became somewhat fixated.
For his Rite of passage ceremony when he was thirteen, I arranged to have a friend who is a professional vocalist sing his favorite song from the show. As soon as she started I was a watery lumpy throated mess. It meant so much to him on a deep level.
I've wanted to be cognizant of that so I have bought him tickets to see the show whenever it's been in town, and subsequently, he has never seen it.
The first time, two years ago, we had a massive snow storm blizzard and couldn't even get on the highway. The second, Gus took him and they got the the community theater where it was showing and it was sold out. The third time he was actually in California and had to leave the day of the first performance.
Lastly, today; I had purchased tickets for a performance at a local college a mile from our house. I managed to corral some of the last seats available and there is no inclement weather in sight.
Jack woke up with a fever.


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