Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Everything is fine

You know that in-between dream place when your not quite sure what's awake or what's sleeping? And then, that nightmare, bad dream sort of awake feverish place.
Well, living with a not quite adult, not a teenager, but still dependent enough that the parents have to deal with benefits, insurers, and the legal system place, is where I find myself more than I'd like to lately.
Jake is an adult, especially to the people affiliated with any organization that holds the key to information regarding some form or account number that is necessary to find out in order to have some closure to a problem that's been going on since July, or to finish his taxes which he can't do because he's really still three years old!
This is not enabling, I would leave it all alone if it didn't affect us in a financial or credibility spectrum. I wouldn't even know if he was covered, due for a return or a member of the Bilderberg group.


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