Friday, January 07, 2011

Through parking lots

The United States is like the Benjamin Button of countries. It started out with a clear picture and a sense or purpose of an egalitarian model, and has de-evolved into a place where the top few percent have or are attaining a stranglehold on the wealth, political power and the resources, and at least fifty percent of the population is making that happen, either unknowingly or with some bazaar sense of purpose. To not coin a phrase, we are turning into a third world country.

From whence do these thoughts come? Well, they are always there, especially when I'm driving around because that's where I really see people at their worst. But really from Jacob going to California yesterday.
I think that he would really prefer to live there, and at another time, that would have been such an easy choice, just get in the car and go. However, with the current and probably permanent challenge of finding a job with a living wage, especially in a state like Ca, there is much more room for concern, which translates to; I'm not sure if I want him to go.
Now if we hearken back to around five years ago, at the start of this junket, one might have sensed another tone. As for today, I'm changing my tune.


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