Sunday, November 14, 2010

We see the show

For the last three or more years, Eamon has been dedicated to making a film from an original screenplay he wrote in a frenzy of output that included two more screenplays and a spate of short stories.
As this project really started to gel, I began to tell people I work with, friends and various acquaintances about his progress. Some, especially near the beginning were quite skeptical, and a little bit out of line with criticisms and challenging questions regarding his seriousness or knowledge of film. Others were excited, but all around there was a level of disbelief.
This summer, principle shooting began. He has scouted many locations and one of them, a century home that a friend and production assistant owns, is soon going to be put up for sale, so the exterior shots he wanted from that location needed to be completed before fall.
As I mentioned to some of the same people, that we had begun to shoot, their response and reactions began to shift. In fact, one day at work a customer came over and asked me if "I was the librarian whose husband was a filmmaker." My reaction was to laugh and that must have been confusing. The shift from being the lady with the nut job for a husband to the one married to the auteur was swift and abrupt but, not at all unwelcome.


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