Friday, October 29, 2010

And dust and dirt

Gluttony can take on so many meanings, not all having any relationship to food, though the obvious aspects of over indulgence, often appear in the realm of ingesting.
There is something about the nature of our world today, the too much never being sufficient, the portion size and last but not least the attention hogging. It all comes with a level of desperation that eclipses what I've known in my time.
As the elections loom I wrote a letter to the Plain Dealer in hopes of publication for perhaps, a reminder of rational thinking and memory past last night's episode of Man vs. Food; alas, they didn't publish it. I imagine, in their minds, as I've written a few, that I'm one of those annoying crazy ladies that tries to spread my hippylibsocialistmumbojumbo. Fine then, whatever, have at it.

With the ever important mid-term elections looming, an article about he media's lack of interest int he recent release of 400,000 thousand documents by WikiLeaks describing the atrocities, mismanagement and waste in Iraq, struck me as ridiculous, as the premise for that disinterest was that the American people weren't worried about that anymore, they were much more involved in the outcome of the elections. As far as most of us should be concerned, the trillions of dollars that should have gone into this country, were used erroneously and carelessly as millions of us suffered with loss of jobs, recession and eight years of neglect, mostly, if not all, brought on by republicans and the like minded individuals who convinced our citizens that there was a reason to invade a country, kill it's populous and destroy the lives of thousands of American soldiers and their families. Without a doubt, the most important thing voters should be considering at this time, is what this country really needs. It's basic; common sense, civic concern, and perspective.


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