Friday, October 15, 2010

If you try the best you can

I think I finally understand what it means to internalize external experiences. With that I realize what I've been doing with my children's' problems is making them my own. That's probably not the best way to either help or handle these issues. Nevertheless, it is what I do. I'm working on it, trying to find a new method, one that won't be quite so taxing but will still enable me to empathize and help them through these difficulties. Facing each issue as if it were a crisis is sort of a learned behavior, and in that I've taught it to them as well. Though unfortunate, realizing it and trying to make a change may make a difference in how they deal with future events. For now I know enough dye has been cast that I can provide an awesome array of t-shirts, socks, sheets and banners for any jam band extravaganza.


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