Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The destiny you sold

I'm ordering a t-shirt and it's going to say; I survived yet another visit from my parents. Would it be cathartic to wear a shirt that only expresses a fraction of relief. Sure, would it really serve any purpose beyond me getting some new duds, I think not.
The thing that I've realized is that all the effort I make to keep the peace and keep everyone happy is really about fear; an unknown, undefined angst about getting in trouble, not doing enough, not pleasing those with their insatiable needs and my equally ravenous desire to maintain the status quo which includes serving and serving some more.
I actually like providing, making, and being a help. It's part of my nature, and part of being female and a mom. Where the line gets murky is when it gets to the juncture of how far can I be pushed, how much can be done, and how the boys get in on the fun by reacting with their own equally unquenchable litany of demands. Oh, they have so much to learn.


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