Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What did you learn today

Saturday morning I went to a meeting; I'm not much a a "meeting" person. I tend to over think or feel outside of most organizational events so I just don't make a habit of being a part of anything.
Nevertheless, how I ended up there made me think it might be in the stars for me to go, and it was a good thing, though the process was pretty ugly.
I had been working on a day I wouldn't normally be and someone came in and asked about putting up a flyer for a group. Because I happened to be there that day I saw the subject matter, read about their philosophy and decided to go.
When I got there, though there was supposed to have been a sign at the main entrance of the building, there wasn't so I ended up enlisting someone to help me find my way, when we arrived at the door, the assembly had already started and I walked in to critical and strange looks. It pretty much went downhill from there, no it very much went off a cliff. Apparently, though some of the group felt the need to try and recruit new members, others were not at all interested in expansion and they were clearly threatened. But, all that made me come to some conclusions about power and obsession as in, if you merely replace the old stuff with something new, how far have you really come.


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