Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I would never regret

There is a man who has been coming to the library lately, he is a "preacher", and takes every opportunity to hand out his postcards with his proselytizations and bible quotes. He maintains a website from what it looks like when I have glanced over at him working on the computers.
Yesterday, a young woman who was well endowed but also not older than fifteen was working with her mom on a computer. She would every once in a while walk around to get paper or some such action. Every time she did, our resident man of God would watch her every move.
This struck me as somewhat inappropriate. Let me guess, the devil got a hold of him and he had no control over his actions, or perhaps, she was wicked and luring him away from his calling.
Either way, the people who portend that religion is there life are, as far as I'm concerned more loathsome than the regular guy who is equally unseemly yet doesn't impersonate someone who claims to have a higher calling yet is deficient of any moral premise.


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