Friday, July 02, 2010

About us anyway

It's been a long time since anyone has felt me up through my clothes, but today at the airport seemed right. I was dropping off Jack for his trip out west, and because he is still young and even younger looking, they let me walk him to the gate. And because TSA, whose employees are trained by a company the Cheney has an enormous stake in, found that my overall dress was a good place to conceal a WMD, they decided that they would have to check the goods.
Let's just say that they are a very thorough organization, I just yearned for some lower lights and perhaps some music.
Speaking of music, as we were hanging out in Hershey park this week, I have to mention that the music is played very loud, and midday, I discovered why that probably is. We were sitting around and I looked over at the Kettle Corn stand and noticed a pretty sizable amount of KC on the ground. There were however no birds . It was just freaky. I cannot think of an environment anywhere that when there is food on the ground, lots of people and cars aplenty, where there was a lack of birds. Charvez deduced that it was the ultrasonics behind the music making it thus. In some ways, it's a welcome change but in others it seems so freakishly unnatural and eerie that it was like the movie The Birds, but without them.


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