Wednesday, June 09, 2010

This very day

I had a conversation with a friend about anxiety. He does not strike me as someone who would really have much, but he called to tell me about how he has realized lately, it's more that when he starts to feel anxious, he gets aggravated, which, well, aggravates the situation. I gave him my standard line, of which I have many; that it's primal. That if you just watch pretty much any animal in the middle off the food chain, not one near the top who have less to fuss about. But one just trying to make it through the day, or night if it's nocturnal, they are always on alert, always watching and checking things. That has translated into our more complicated world as an underlying anxiety that can either be mild or in the case of people who experience any trauma, broken trust, poverty, bullying, illness, loss, okay anyone who is now or has ever been alive has some level of disquiet. Reconciling that it's there and it's not going away is what I suggested was the only viable solution. Then I had to go because I had to pick up two kids, in different places at the same time.


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