Tuesday, June 01, 2010

When I was around

We went to the rib burn off this weekend. There, I've said it, owned it and can move on. Actually we went there to meet a friend; one whom both Eamon and I feel as if we've not come through enough for in the past. Well, that's all been taken care of now it that he didn't even show.
We took Gus and Jack who just thought it was me being my crazy cheap self when I balked at the prices which were so beyond outrageous I just gave up. And, there's the whole ticket thing. This is maybe set up so you think you're not actually spending fifty dollars for a few ribs and a drink or two. Here, this isn't money, it's just paper with writing and it's not green so I'll just give you lots of them.
We actually did have a good time. The four of us have not gone anywhere together since last summer's trip to the shore. There was little bickering and just a little freak out from Gus regarding the aforementioned balk. If it wasn't such an obvious and blatant swindle, I would have appreciated the experience even more. But sometimes, you have to take artificially flavored lemonade and pay seven dollars for it.


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