Thursday, May 20, 2010

We'll let you in

Part of what keeps many people from success is the paperwork. I know it has done me in at times. Recently with Gus as we go through the 9 circles just trying to get the money stuff ironed out, I have to keep reminding him that this part isn't even related to school, these are just the preliminary stages of this process.
I've explained to him that this rite of passage is what keeps a lot of people from either going to school or applying for financial aid. It's not an accident that there is a ton of repetition and frequent moments of madness and frustration when for example, you are told they only received one of the two forms you sent, but that you copied them both onto the same sheet of paper.
I was warned by a friend about this particular institution and their lack of competence regarding records maintenance, but I was also jaded having dealt with the Bank of America debacle. Either way, it all serves a purpose; to either keep us busy or have us give up completely and settle on a future of a different sort.


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