Thursday, April 29, 2010

Here in my mind

Assuming a role, that's something I'm good at. Mom, wife, friend, librarian, there's an outfit for each one of these. Just like Veronica, I can change out of one and easily become another, but there is always a little of the character in all of the realms.
We had a retirement party for my boss yesterday, and we had spoken about what she was going to do with all of her boss clothes that she wasn't going to wear anymore. What I ended up thinking about was how do you not wear the boss anymore, how do you make the shift, or do you? I'm always in leadership mode, whether it's trying to explain to a cashier that you call the next person in line over from another isle when you open up your register, or when I'm explaining to Jack what and how to deal with puberty, it's all the same to me. Now from one angle I'm sure that "controlling" comes to mind, but from another, it's just that I don't have props that stay in one place, I take them everywhere I go.


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