Saturday, March 20, 2010

If I could change your mind

It struck me the other day, that a midlife crisis not necessarily be a problem. It can be a time of reflection and change rather than fear and acting out. Or maybe be full of contradictions as so much of life is.
I have a number of friends, my age, or close to it, who are changing careers, taking classes, ending and beginning relationships, and a plethora of other behaviors that are setting things in motion. It's very much like a second adolescence, an opportunity to take advantage of a transitional time when there's an opening between being a parent of young children and looking for products that contain a lot of fiber.
Then, there's me; I think I probably missed the boat, it's not the first one either, there have been many golden opportunities to move forward, and I did take one with starting this blog four years ago this month. I am very lucky to have found this venue to enunciate all that swirls around in my far too large head. But in other places I live with a paralysis of sorts, an inability to set forth on a course that would bring the dream alive, and perhaps, that is the very reason I can't.


Blogger Bloody Frida said...

heck I'm still trying to embrace the crone

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