Monday, February 22, 2010

I bit off more than I could chew

I spent yesterday recovering from the"brew Flu" as my friend Bill coined it. I'm sure that phrase is one he is familiar with. Me not so much. I don't tend to drink too much or too often, but over a five hour period on Saturday I had three and a half Optimators and that was enough to set my stand up routine in motion and have me slowly and painfully regretting certain candid conversations with individuals who don't know me that well, and or appreciate my irony.
Not the first time for me on that, I'm often lamenting my loose tongue or right up there in your face honesty. But, letting people know that I spent an entire summer flipping a Bread cassette over and over because the boy I was crushing on lent it to me; well, that's when I know I went way past where I should have been.
Then again, being of two minds, I also know that owning my grooving on a shitty seventies band is a big part of who I am, it's as much about accepting the things we cannot change as knowing that they also can make your skin crawl when you conjure the memory of a time in your life.
Every time I get the Answer that " Rush is a great band". I still know deep in my heart that they suck beyond words, no matter that everyone I've ever loved feels differently. It's this that I return to when I cross the line, that I at least can admit that what I like may have been questionable. I don't defend it, nor do I embrace it, it's just a part of the massive picture that makes up who I am.


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