Friday, January 22, 2010

All I have to do

For the first time in 23 years, I willingly slept apart from Eamon while residing in the same domicile.
Last night I stepped away from the not even near human sounds that emit from my husband's portals (?), and after kicking and hitting and screaming at him for two hours, went downstairs to sleep on the couch; oh how I love the quiet tranquil sounds of Griffin, trains, bulldozers, anything that isn't the man I love snoring his head off.
Unfortunately, there is no solution but for distance. We've tried with a host of possibilities; pillows, ointments, incantations and sprays, all to no avail.
It's remarkable how many people will tell you how they have not been sleeping with their spouse or significant other for years because of similar conundrums. They love to tell you how they can actually function properly after having been certifiable for years due to the constant interruptions in normal sleep patterns. I've said it before, I feel as though I have a newborn and know that even when he's quiet for awhile, at any moment that motor could start right back up again.


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