Saturday, December 19, 2009

Count the time in quarter tones

Is it me or are there a few top ten lists for the year, and holy vampire teeth, the decade as well.
Being one who can't remember anything I am relieved of the duty of making a best of list. What I can mention, (sorry for those who thought they might avoid that here), is the one's that stuck.
I can't praise the titles that are on most lists because here in Bedrock, Ohio they haven't opened yet, so my criteria is that I have to actually have seen the movie, not fallen asleep during it and can recollect at least half.
I'll start with Stellet Licht, released in 2007 but I just got my copy hot off the library presses. This movie is magic, slow moving like sludge, but otherworldly in so very many ways.
Che, above, beyond, and shadowing any expectations I may have had. District 9 because though it may have been predictable, it was hard core. Funny People, Leslie Mann blew the roof off in one of the most poignant scenes of the year, otherwise it was fine but not stellar.
Up, cute, but not too, compelling and sad, I may have been hormonal, but I'll let it stand for now. Inglorourious Basterds for the first two scenes and one later, otherwise, not so much. One more, Away We Go put a lot into perspective for me, in terms of trying to find a home, where we belong and how we sit with ourselves, I'm a fan of all of those questions, and particularly how they're asked.


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