Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If I was broke

Jack started practices for the swim team this week, and luckily for him I have no life, I can be available to drive him to one of two pools four nights a week; because, there is no aquatic center at his high school, yet they still have a team. I've coerced Gus into driving him a few times so far but that can only last so long.
I understand that they assume people will car pool, or there are plenty of kids on the team that can drive, but neither he nor Gus have ever taken the initiative to find some group to go along with or even ask if there is an alternative.
I've been doing this parenting thing for twenty years now, on some levels it's better than ever, and in other ways, I'm just done, I've sat through so many concerts, awards ceremonies, football games, swim meets, conferences, informational meetings, that I'm convinced it's just another ruse to keep us busy lest we rebel and not boost.
Then I ask myself, what better things do I have to do with my time than devote myself to my children, and I have to say, there isn't a lot, and that's mostly because when I had children I gave everything else up, but now, I've kind of forgotten why.


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