Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I was looking at all the life

Gus and I went to an MIT event on Sunday, it was in Ann Arbor and after awhile, explaining to people why we were going to Michigan for a recruiting program for a college in Massachusetts, got a little complicated so I just stopped.
Both of my sisters attended the university of Michigan and as a teenager I spent a lot of time there, initially going by bus which stopped in Toledo, right next to the plasma donor center, an unfortunate landmark burned into my brain, and then I drove myself, and what a liberating feeling that was.
Ann Arbor is still a lovely city and I was hoping that Gus would get a sense of the great energy there and would consider U of M as a possibility, but I think he was merely overwhelmed by the tie-dye.
I had hoped to stay in town but the cost was prohibitive so we ended up at what used to be the Best Western Executive plaza but is now the Hotel with no name. With that came an absolutely vast building that was almost vacant but for a few employees and some guy named Jack Torrance. There were also lots of crows in the parking lot to add to festive tone, requisite bumps in the night were heard, and thankfully, there was no screening of Paranormal Activity which had been playing the two nights previous as one of the special screenings across the county.


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