Saturday, September 12, 2009

That was so real

So, just to help out because together their ages equal 160, my parents are coming here for my recuperation. What I think will happen, is that I will have to recover with extreme speed to enable me to be mobile enough to get out of the house. And that is a fabulous way to manage a surgery, in fact, maybe they can start a business, even in this economy I forsee them doing quite well.
I will save you dear readers from the agony of a play by play of my "scope" but I suspect there will be much to tell as I spelunk the world of Orthopedics. So far I had to go for an exam with somewhat robotic nurses and technicians; and it's always reassuring for those of us with trust issues to have people who are staring past you as they tell you what might happen if you go into cardiac arrest under anesthesia.


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