Sunday, August 02, 2009

For its hard, you will find

When you really grow up, and that comes in stages, you have to come to terms with many of the usual things, like being made fun of by your children because you text slowly or you can't read the menu in a dim restaurant, or not being on the cutting edge any longer, as if at one time you were.
Years ago,when I visited in California I went to Bent records HQ to score some music to bring back to WCSB. Bent produced some favorites and i just kind of wanted to be there.
So it ended up to be small apartment and studio run by a couple who happened to just be waking up for the day. They were a little taken aback by my just dropping in, but gracious never the less and sent me home with some primo tunes.
As I have been listening to Dark is the Night, the latest in a series of compilations produced by Red Hot, to support AIDS causes, I was immediately brought back to the time when I would hear something, just quiet in the background and know it would take me to that place that only music can. Transformative experiences, when you are an adult become more meaningful because life has more meaning when there is less of it to live.
And, in this case I'm going to put it out there that this double CD set is so totally fucking awesome that I just want to stare into space with my headphones on forever and ever.
How's that for an adult, professional writer? When it's boiled down and burning in the pan, I will always have elements of childishness, even as I slather on the Strivectin which is all part of a fairytale anyway.


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