Monday, July 27, 2009

Walk right in it's around the back

Today is Gus' 17th birthday and the plan was to have breakfast out together with he and Jake.
When we finally got out of the house at around one, I suggested lunch. Usually there is a place we go that serves in between stuff, but Gus felt like having a "grown up" lunch which in our case meant waiting 40 minutes for appetizers and salad and then the entree came ten seconds later.
Now I know Gus does not like me to make a stink, so I didn't but because he had gone out on a limb and ate outside of his usual burgers and fries motif, I was really disappointed about the experience and felt compelled to tell someone.
That is until I heard the chef tell a waitress he was going to smash a hot plate into her face, that's when I kind of felt that perhaps is was just a bad day in adult world and time to go outside and play.


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