Thursday, July 02, 2009

I would tell you

Oh the changing winds. As I've had a birthday since last posting, I in my old age have some things to declare;
Getting old sucks and it's easy to become obsessive about the normal changes that occur with that process.
My Dachshund and I now have the same neck.
I'm not as limber as I used to be.
And, lastly, I don't have the strong feelings and inclinations that I used to about so many things. Now, it's limited to a few, still relevant; music, movies, politics, but I've lost most of the fervor and absolute certainty about most of life.
Not all of that is bad or a big loss, what is disappointing still is that with age comes the knowledge that you can let your kids know over and over how to overcome or manage some of the more complicated or challenging events, even clue them as to how to navigate these experiences and come out barely scathed, but of course, they don't listen or take notice. They just make fun of your voice or when you stumble they laugh and know better.


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