Friday, June 05, 2009

Casting a golden light

If I am going to get sick, I like to do it up good. Strep throat and Pneumonia please, nothing less for me, don't give it to me one at a time. I can take it.
Yesterday was Jack's 8th grade commencement. It was bone crushing in variety of ways. To begin, bleachers for three hours never work well with the sitting thing. Then to add to the folly, every prize winner, special and awarded student had a presentation describing their exalted abilities to no end.
I'm a little bitter about that one, both on a personal and universal level. I've had a child who is an award winner and recipient of all that good stuff, in addition I have one's who are not as shiny in the more blatant ways. I was never noticed in school, not until college and I bore no grudge against the kids who worked hard, it was the adults who had failed to notice the virtues that weren't as obvious.
The other difficult part of the wait, and this comes out in the aftermath, was that I was sitting there broasting, not in the usual way, but in the feverish sense. When I finally made it to the doctor later in the day, I was at nearly 103 which kind of explains a lot of why I was as miserable as I was and why I revamped the whole theory of relativity thing which I can't quite remember now that I'm back to normal, or a facsimile thereof.


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