Tuesday, May 12, 2009

That's the way I want it to stay

On Saturday at work, I was asked by a colleague to run the Wii program, which this week was Rock Band.
After we set it up, I played drums on a few songs and sang; all before the teens came in to play.
I've only played guitar hero in the past, so I've never experienced the joy of the percussion and or vocals that make it possible to really rock out. So, there was a double dose of vicarious living as far as I can tell. Number one, I was playing a game that makes you feel like performer and two, I was living it up like the young folks for one more go round.
I'm getting a lot of Ma'am's lately. I don't want to guess why and, it's a lot better than buddy any day. I do however, always call ladies that I help at my job Miss; no matter their age.


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