Thursday, May 07, 2009

I was driving the truck

I'm easily obsessed. When I was younger, for awhile at around ten, it was George Orwell and 1984, soon thereafter the Time Life Cowboy series piqued my interest and chasing that were Bonnie and Clyde.
I'm sure like most people, you read everything about them, find what ever you can, and then move onto a new one that catches your eye.
With the advent of the Internet the OCD has been enabled and thankfully so for the most part. Again, it's what and how we explore that makes the difference. There is a thing called healthy curiosity and intellectual pursuit and then there's not.
Everett Ruess, thanks to a National Geographic Adventure and New York Times article, has become my latest fancy.
His story resembles a Jack London or Jack Kerouac character, except he's not based on anyone.
The mythic nature of his adventures become that because of how he died.
I'm late coming to find out about him, the art and writing he produced and his disappearance in the western United States. He was killed when he was twenty years old, after having generated innumerable works. I can only only imagine if he hadn't succumbed to brutes what he may have been capable of imparting.


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