Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good things you've had

The only purpose of fetishistic attention to our bodies, as in too much focus; is self loathing. And, the world around us is only too happy to nudge that along as frequently and as persistently as possible.
Let's place things in context; it's important, especially as we age, to take care of ourselves, make sure we're strong, hearty and in good shape. But from this vantage point it's clear that in terms of the younger folk, the word is skeletal twelve year old boy, or nothing. I have been working on a theory about this and it's not going to be seen as what it is, until I've explained what it's not.
The homosexualization of the female body started with designers who found that a form of narrow, hip-less, lean and tall shapes were the optimal for their creations, disregarding that women really don't look like that; in hopes that they would try to achieve it to any end. Well founded! Women and more men of late, have found it in their best interest to suffer, starve and fixate on their appearance, present company included, to achieve the ultimate; nonentity


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