Monday, May 04, 2009

Until you try

Jack Henry and I had a row today, and I was reminded of really troubling times when Jake and I used to get into it and not be able to stop.
Remembering when you've been awful, or full of acrimony can actually help to prevent further endeavours into the land of "bad parenting" or regret. At least I know that now, I'm as close as I can become to the Mom I always wanted. I'm accessible, energetic, and willing to change course when things aren't going well.
Jake involved himself In Jack and my argument, he might have diffused it but he also made it about him and caused things to suck even more.
Later, I went to see Jack Henry at school. He being an 8th grader loved that and as we both kind of fell apart in the hallway with me saying I didn't want to be estranged or alienated from him, and he agreeing. I told him to tell anyone that happened to see us crying that our cat died, or preferably one of the dogs.


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