Thursday, May 28, 2009

Now it's time to go and do the show

When we were newly married, I started to "help" my husband with his wardrobe. He leaned towards stripes and wall street collars and I just nudged him a bit when necessary. At one point I had purchased him a shirt with a little insignia on the front and he expressed his distaste for anything logo and went of on a rant regarding slogan flush clothing.
Skip ahead twenty years and we have this lovely that I just found in the closet. I'm going to put this out there, in all of the shows that I went to there was only one purchase, it was a Toxic Reasons shirt, and the reason being, they just blew my head wide open and I had to submit to their power. So now we have many a Chuck Norris related item as well as some Phat urban designs. In retrospect, I might have held back in sharing an opinion years ago, because that might have enabled me to not have to walk around with someone turned out not unlike this.


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