Thursday, May 21, 2009

If my colors all run dry

The early Memorial Day holiday has the library in some sort of uproar. We will be closed for three days and people who come here every day are somewhat anxious. I don't mean the people who work here; I'm talking about the individuals who spend every day all day here either on the Internet or their own computers.
I used to not judge people and what they did. But, as I've grown older and less tolerant like the rest of the population. I am flummoxed by the amount of people in the world and then to be more specific, the amount that seem to have little other to do.
Jake has been on a downward turn for the last month or so. He cycles between sleep and a couple of hours at work, out with friends and then more somnolence. My tolerance for him is waning as well. I don't have any Patience for his missing of appointments or desperate run to get to the DMV before they close to renew a licence on the last day.
He seems to luck out and things fall into place; but not so much that life becomes easier or makes more sense, it's just enough to squeak by and at some point that's going to get a lot louder.


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