Monday, June 01, 2009

Please don't sing that sad, sad song

So Terminator Salvation is not a remarkable movie; what is however, is how cold a movie theater can get, and then finding out that the people there have no control over the temperature. They have to email their main office in order to make any changes.
I am not wimpy. It was so cold I had my arms crossed over my chest as if I was going to plunge down a slide. Silly perhaps, but I was with two teenagers and there was no way they were leaving before the bitter end. So I waited it out, sent Gus to go and tell someone and after realizing it wasn't going to get any better, the movie/climate, that is, I just settled into the chair and zenned through the breeze.
So when it was all over and I spoke to someone only to find out about the lack of thermostatic control, she suggested to me that free tickets might take away some of the sting of the frostbite and I heartily agreed. There is a level of satisfaction when people actually hear you and respond in an appropriate way, what I don't' get is how someone can actually think it's normal to not be able to make any changes in their own environment, and or contact someone who can remotely.


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