Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yes,it goes on and on

Rivalry between friends, or siblings, spouses or any such configuration can be hard on the person feeling it and for the one who might have to try and help work those emotions out. I am the latter in this one; working with Jack on how his brother treats him when they have a mutual friend over. I think we can all remember when those moments of powerlessness, or humiliation come forth in the face of your sibling making fun of you and your friend going along for the ride. It can happen in other venues, even a parent making you feel less than in front of others, but any way you slice it, we have to manage how we deal with it. I always retreat and that's what works in an albeit nonproductive way, but in those moments I can't explain it without busting out either in tears or anger, neither which provide for much resolution.
When you're fourteen you are torn between two worlds, both pulling you or at times driving your interests. Turmoil and confusion are the norm, and unfortunately, from that point on, it never ends.


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