Sunday, June 07, 2009

What it was you wanted anyway

People are of many minds. We can go from minute to minute and convey and feel completely opposing emotions or promote changing rationals in a heart beat.
I have in a brief period of time, on occasion, with my entire being; hated my spouse and or children. There have been moments of homicidal rage, and conversely tenderness and love, holy moments of passion, communion and bonds that reach beyond conscious understanding.
What's up with that?
Certainly as we do with our skin, we must get a new fill up of brain chemistry with formats that allow us to reach these extremes yet for the most part manage to get back to some sort of normalcy and resolution that gets us through another day.
I've been working through Revolutionary Road. This is another one I didn't necessarily want to watch but did because I loved Titanic so much; uh, no. There are moments of completely accurate dialog regarding disappointment and hope, about feeling special until you reach an age where you realize it was all a biological sham to keep you going long enough to propagate.
We are all disappointed about some things and to change that might lead to less inspiration for reaching goals or going to lengths to become more. But what if we choose to not be. To not allow for the thoughts about what we should have or could have done or been. I've come to know that there will never be enough of anything for me. So with that ,I am satisfied.


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