Saturday, July 04, 2009

Let martial note in triumph float

Oh the glorious fourth of July, reason to act out and be loud, drunk and american. Just what we need more of.How is it that freedom to so many people means getting drunk or eating a lot, a get together if you will, at any opportunity. Not that I don't comply with the sentiment, it can just get old and tiresome and I don't even do it that much.
Tonight we go to a friend's who travels out of state to purchase fireworks. That's code for "blowin shit up". It's fun, but I also have to be vigilant as Gus almost blew his hand of the year before last. He says that he has grown a lot since then, but also asked for a lighter to expedite the firepower this year.
Last night as I was trying to watch 12 rounds, the neighbors across the street had their annual we are going to be assholes a night early fireworks display, so much to my displeasure I had to put off the movie and console Stella and her incontinent self proving once again that I do in fact know how to party.


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