Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The night weighs heavy

The Wildwoods of New Jersey beckon, and who am I to say no. Some grouping of my family will be traveling to the shore for summer fun and carefree living; oh wait that's not us, that's all of the other families in the world. Ours will be bickering, whining and lamenting the lack of whatever Wildwood may be lacking; whether that be real or made up.
Me negative, what, no way. I am just stuck in a loop of hating everything right now, so why not add the vacation I've been planning and looking forward to for a year to that list.
I don't do well having fun when the world around implodes; and it is. We see it every day at the library. Disenfranchised, frustrated individuals and families trying to figure out what to do about all that they have lost. As a public setting, it's the front line and the essence of the economic meltdown. And what is most complicated is that it is as if we are living in a parallel universe, one that resembles the other but is actually a nightmare version similar in make up, but a completely different substance.


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