Friday, July 24, 2009

In a box

Lite posting this summer as I don't have much time to myself for introspection or analysis for which to write about.
Life is puzzling. Yes, I know that's a silly thing to say, but one would have thought that maybe beyond the routine of daily living there would be some resolution or contentment. Sure the edges are less sharp and the passion is, well less passionate, regarding interests and pursuits that is. But the confusion and stress abound.

Gus is starting to look at colleges and because he has these innate, thusly confounding math skills he can pretty much go wherever he wants; and so far that choice is Ohio State. The controlish freak in me wants to and partially does step in to suggest anything else, but so far he is determined.
Part of my interest in him finding an ivy league or anywhere but Ohio selection is that we want to find greener pastures and there are none in the state we're in. So, if he chooses to stay here, we might have to as well.
I've always looked for a geographical cure for my ills. Though I am aware that there is not so much an external locus that makes for a happy cure, it doesn't hurt to have an ocean or some mountains near by to sweeten the deal.
So, I will try and keep the opinions and declarations to myself and keep in mind that it's his life and future in the making, not just an opportunity for change and transformation for mine.


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