Thursday, July 30, 2009

It used to be so civilized

Today when I went for a walk with a friend , we met in the metro park and she had bought her little pug and I had my big Stella. Her dog, though one quarter the size, found Stella quite alluring and let it be known that he was interested.
Stella relished the idea and let him know by trying to nip his ass when he lunged and then retreated. It's amazing how like people, animals really are.
Whenever I really wanted a man, there was no way I was going to get him, nope, that want must have set off alarms farther than humans can hear. It was only when I didn't care and or wasn't looking that someone would cross my path and have to lunge at me to get me to notice. And then I would click in and move towards that, what ever it might have been.
Watching the dogs today, their game of forward and back, I thought about how I just never quite got into the rhythm, that when I was being played with I got all serious and when I wasn't I wanted to find anything to make a match, game and point.


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