Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Then I don't feel

I'm only going to have a few more posts BS (before surgery) so, I'll try to make them mildly entertaining even though life right now is far from that. Not to be cryptic but the sky is falling and that my friends is a fact
.Jack and I went to an Oktoberfest, with some hesitation due to our last Teutonic tinged experience. The draw for us this time was the Dachshund races that were slated for six pm.We arrived an hour early in order to eat and walk around and after I paid, I asked where the festivities would be held and was told they were over and I should have known they were going to have them early because they had been announcing it all day. Let me set the scene for this "festival of October" There are food booths and beer booths, and a sprinkling of Lederhosen vendors. My thought was why would anyone come to this for hours and providentially find out the competition of weiner dogs had been rescheduled? Because I had no answer, I have to assume that the only people who really would know that, were in fact the participants. So with the cavalcade of clothed dogs leaving the fairgrounds, Jack and I walked amongst the well fed drunk people and yet again felt that not quite right thing that kind of creeps in, and left a little disappointed but full of schnitzel.


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