Monday, August 31, 2009

The fear is gone

Between Vertigo and the start of school, there is nary any time to address any of the pressing, or for the most part, not so pressing issues at hand; and, in that I'm on a pretty strong decongestant, none of it matters anyway. Even with the mellow vibe, I hear a little voice yelling, for me to be more involved in something that matters but I just don't seem to be able to muster any interest.
A few things that do seem to to push past the haze are, that I have to have surgery on my knee that got messed up when I was surfing this summer, and... well actually I slipped on some ice at work last winter, but hangin' ten is a much better story; and that having been out of whack for two days and watching the world fall apart around me, I can't even imagine the state our lives will be in when I am immobile for weeks.
At best, there will just be an huge amount of clutter and debris, at worst there will be people moving out and or being very scarce for the time being. Eamon does not do well at the helm, it's just who he is, but he does however, take care of the sick better than any one I've ever met. So, as the rest of the world crumbles, I'll have plenty of tea and pain killers to keep me rolling.


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